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"Not an Ordinary Dog!"

Hello and welcome!  We are Jim & Rachel Isch, and we would like to introduce you to

Six Mile Pines First-Class Old Dominion Terriers.

Jim is in sales, Rachel is a dog groomer, and we both appreciate a really good dog :)

We used to be Lab people. Labrador Retrievers had always been our dog of choice through the years. We deviated once or twice with other breeds, but always came back to the Lab. We bred Labs when our kids were growing up and thought to revive that passion a few years back when we purchased what we were led to believe was a well-bred dog. Unfortunately, a poor right hip cancelled our plans.

One day Jim reminded us of a different dog that we had seen while on a trip a few years back, and that we had mildly researched after learning it was a Decker Terrier. The dog was graceful, yet strong. Calm, but aware of his surroundings. Not a large dog but commanding in his appearance. The Decker Terrier was a breed still in development, gradually becoming recognized as the Old Dominion Terrier, and we thought being involved in the development of the breed could be a rewarding experience.

The more we researched the breed and spoke with Decker/Old Dominion Terrier owners, the more we realized this is not an ordinary dog, and we wanted to be a part of its success! We purchased our first Old Dominion Terrier, "Bennie", from the great brother-sister team at Lafwa Terriers. Bennie stood proud from the start and bonded with us right away. His straight, clean lines and incredibly symmetrical markings are stunning. Our second purchase was a beautiful pup from Briarbey Old Dominion Terriers, an experienced kennel whose owner is the president of the ODT Club of America. We named her "Bey", and she is a clown! Her strong build and deep color really catch the eye.


Both dogs are active & athletic, yet quiet and cuddly. Their medium size and sleek smooth coat make them easy keepers, and their hunting drive will make them an incredible addition to your farm. Their trainability and sporty character make them an excellent candidate for the 4H dog club, agility competitions and other fun activities. On the flip side, they love to be with the family and are just as happy to take a nap on a lap :) You can find the history of the breed and its development on our FAQS page, or at:

We are an experienced hobby breeder, sharing our appreciation of a great dog with others who are looking for a fine, long-term companion, a competitor that will steal the show, or that sidekick who accompanies you on your chores around the farm. 

Now that we’ve met, and if you like what you've read, we hope to hear from you real soon!


Micah 6:8

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