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Six Mile Pines

First-class Old Dominion Terriers

"Not an Ordinary Dog!"

Quality.  Progress.  Commitment.

"Not an Ordinary Dog!"

The Old Dominion Terrier is Not an Ordinary Dog!  Active & athletic, yet quiet and cuddly, their medium size and sleek smooth coat make them easy keepers, suited to both city life and the country.  Their inborn hunting drive will make them an incredible addition to your farm, while their lasting energy and watchfulness will produce a steady hiking partner.  The trainability and sporty character of the Old Dominion Terriers make them excellent candidates for the 4H dog club or agility competitions!  Yet on the flip side, they love to be with the family and are just as happy to take a nap on a lap. 

Are you ready to set yourself apart with an Old Dominion Terrier?  Here's how:

1. Call or email us!  Learn more about the dogs and receive tips and advice on how to choose the right puppy for you.

2. Make a deposit!  A deposit holds your place in line for choosing a puppy.  Got your eye on one?  Make a deposit today!  We accept cash, PayPal or Venmo - call or email us for instructions.

3. Choose your puppy!  Choose your puppy and receive photos and videos so you can watch your puppy grow and change.

4. Schedule a pickup or delivery date and begin your adventure!   



Puppies are ready for their new family at 8 weeks of age.  Make your final payment and get ready to experience the delight of living life with an Old Dominion Terrier!

Ask about our 4H discount program!


Six Mile Pines First-class Old Dominion Terriers


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Bluffton IN  USA

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