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“She likes to snuggle in on the couch between my wife and I in the evenings.  Wonderful dog.” - C.J., Franklin IN

“In November 2022, we purchased a puppy from the litter of Bey and Bennie, owned by Jim and Rachel Isch.  At the time of the puppy’s adoption, all documents related to the puppy’s health and vaccination/dewormer status had been prepared and available at that time.  The litter was well cared for, offering some environmental enrichment.  We found all of the 9 puppies to be friendly, happy to meet us.  Sire and dam were sweet dogs.  We have no reservations referring potential pet parents to Rachel and Jim.  We love our little Jensi.  She is an intelligent, confident puppy that learns quickly.”

- P.S. & S.S., Jackson MI

“Our Marley is doing well.  She is a spit fire but very loving.  She is very smart and is learning commands.  Being outside is her favorite thing.  House training has been a trial but she is improving the older she gets. Thank you.”

- J.R., Willshire OH

“We named her Penny and she is doing fantastic, she has gone on a few short walks with dad, curled up with mom on the couch and chewed on her lamb toy. Can’t say it enough, thanks guys, she is amazing and so much fun.”

- K.S., Mt Vernon IL (FB comment)

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